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Micro-Buff Body Scrub

60 min - $80

Ideal for all skin types, this unique cream based exfoliation treatment contains spherical micronized buffing beads, natural luffa, and apricot powder to gently refine and smooth skin.  An infusion of wheat, apricot, and alpha-hydroxy lactic acids lift away dead skin and accelerates cell renewal to unveil petal soft skin. 

Body Lush Hydrating Wrap

90 min - $120

Soothe and perfectly hydrate even the most sensitive skin.  Body Lush Hydrating Wrap is a moisture binding emollient that provides deep, lasting, intense hydration and protection for the skin.  All of our body wrap sessions begin with an exfoliating body scrub to lift away dead skin and help your body better absorb the healing properties of the body wrap of your choice.